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"Without Bardy's knowledge, skill and creativity, I don't think I would have been able to handle a role such as Othello: she literally jump-started my ability as a classical actor. And, she makes a great cup of tea!"

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" I am in no doubt that I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now without her. When I was at RADA, Bardy was a teacher who didn't just give me a craft, she gave me a love for it. We recognised in each other a shared passion for the work that we loved; great acting in great plays, with a formal respect for words, but an emotional and physical freedom in bringing them to life. She both teaches and directs with enormous passion, love and dedication and her infectious, playful, irreverent spirit has been a lasting inspiration." 





"Finding the joy in the spoken word, the depth of Shakespeare's words, the universality of his themes and feeling like you are finding them together - all of these things you will find in one of Bardy's classes. She approaches her work and students with care and integrity. I found a freedom in her class that was exceptional and this allowed my voice to find its true sound. It has been invaluable and has seen me through a year at The National Theatre and I hope many more to come. It is hard work, but a lesson that will serve you for life.





"Absolutely world class. Bardy improved my public speaking quickly and effectively."